How I Walk: Portland Women’s Run Club’s Margaret Hill


In honor of our inaugural Portland Women’s Run Club season, I’ll be introducing our new team members via this interview series throughout the next few months. Get to know these impressive ladies, and come join us for FREE workouts Monday nights from 6:30-7:30 pm in Portland!

Next up is Margaret Hill, one of our most active former community members — literally; I dare you to keep up with this woman! — who is now leading the charge as a walk captain for our 2017 team.

Not only does Margaret put us all to shame when it comes to consistency with workouts (seriously; she’s been known to show up in full business attire – including pearls! – in order to make it to practice), but she also raises the bar when it comes to supporting others and giving back to the community.


On any given day, you can find Margaret volunteering with a number of local organizations, participating in regular half marathons, cheering on athletes at races, getting out on the town for fundraising events or immersing herself in the Portland music scene.

She truly embodies the motto of our fellow workout group, November Project PDX (of which she’s also a member), and not only “just shows up” but also brings her A game every time!

1. What’s your favorite route? Anywhere with trees and water.

2. What shoes do you wear? Currently, Brooks Ghost 9

3. What other gear can’t you live without? My phone and RoadID bracelet.


4. What’s your best time-saver or “walkhack?” For early mornings, I sleep in what I intend to wear; for post-work, I try to incorporate what I intend to wear with my work attire. It leads to some creative wardrobe choices.

5. What walking-related thing are you better at than anyone else? I have mad cowbell skills.

6. What do you listen to while walking? My brain and what’s going on in the world around me.


7. What are you currently training for? Portland to Coast Relay

8. What are your recovery & sleep routines like? I love post-race massages and stretching, and tend to take a nap after races.

9. What’s the best workout advice you’ve ever received? Just show up!


10. What’s your favorite walking-related memory? Tough to choose, but I’m going with van adventures during Portland to Coast 2015 with Team Eye Rock.

11. Fill in the blank: I’d love to go on a walk/run with __________. My friend Melanie with whom I did my first half marathon.

12. Anything else you want to add? I love doing good and free outdoor group fitness.

Thanks, Margaret! You show us all every single day what it means to really lead by example, and we’re so thankful to have you as part of the team. 

Friends, if you’re interested in being featured here (all levels & abilities welcome), please drop me a line at info(at)kineticfix(dot)com.

Fave Fix: Ahnu Sugarpine hiking boot

photo 3
Having left behind the epic trail scenery of San Francisco and Marin, it’s about time we checked out what Oregon has to offer on those just-gotta-get-out-of-the-city days. And after living on both coasts, plus a few cities in between, I’d say there’s hardly a better place to be in summer than the Pacific Northwest, especially if you’re into hiking…and, oh, waterfalls.

photo 1 (2)

So a few weekends ago when we had some friends in town from the Bay Area, we decided to whet our appetites for adventure by paying a visit to Oregon’s tallest waterfall, Multnomah Falls. It’s home to one of Oregon’s most popular trails — a moderate, 2.2-mile hike with 700 feet of elevation gain to the top of the 542-foot, “two-tiered plume that plummets into a misty, mossy forest grotto.”

photo 2 (2)

Not only was it a great way to work off the Blue Star doughnuts we inhaled for breakfast that morning, but it was also a good opportunity for me to test out my new pair of Ahnu Sugarpine hiking boots. This style came highly recommended by Melissa, a friend and former colleague who now works for the company, in anticipation of me taking to the beautiful, bountiful trails of Oregon.

photo 1

Aside from getting a few compliments from fellow hikers on my way up the switchbacks — this style is known for its bright color, yet low profile — I was more interested in the function rather than the fashion of these shoes. But true to Ahnu form they performed beautifully, giving me just the right amount of traction, support, stability, shock absorption and protection…in what felt as comfy as my favorite pair of sneakers.

photo 2

Did I mention they’re waterproof, too? I’ve been hearing that kind of gear will come in handy for the season that follows summer up here: Rain.

This isn’t a sponsored post; just helping a friend get the word out about a great company with good products. For more information on Ahnu, visit the site here

Walking incline treadmill workout

For those of you who love to mix it up on cross-training days (which are very important, by the way, for giving your body a chance to recover from the pounding of high-impact activities), I wanted to share a great walking incline treadmill workout.

But beware – even though the pace is slow, this is a real bum-buster of a workout thanks to the steep angles at which you’ll be hiking!

Starting off, you may need to hold onto the treadmill handles at the higher inclines. As your body acclimates, however, try to do the whole thing hands-free. By swinging your arms, you’ll elevate your heart rate for an extra kick of cardio.

Give it a try, and tell me what you think!