DTWmarathon2014Welcome to my blog!

I’m Jennifer. Longtime runner. Wannabe triathlete. Digital marketer by day, warrior by mornings and weekends. Proud wife, aunt and mom to two dogs. Subscriber to the idea that when your legs get tired, you’ve gotta race with your heart.

It wasn’t until running track & field and cross country in high school that I developed what I call my “healthy addiction” to health & fitness as an outlet for stress, a means of expression and a source of empowerment.

Since then, I’ve tried it (marathons, triathlons, adventure races, flying trapeze, you name it), lived it (as a former ACE-certified personal trainer) and written about it (Examiner.com, the Competitor Network, namely Windy City Sports and MetroSports New York magazines).

FB ProfileSo, why Kinetic Fix?

Well, I’m constantly on the lookout for the next “hit,” be it nailing a race PR, discovering a fun new workout, finding the comfiest fitness clothing, winning the battle of the bulge, featuring inspiring athletic personalities, or simply sharing yummy recipes that won’t break the nutritional bank.

I also believe that being active is the key to health and happiness, challenging yourself can take you to places you never dreamed possible — and that exercise should be anything but boring!

My mission here is to inspire, be inspired and ignite a passion for health & fitness in others.

Have a question? Email me at: info[at]kineticfix[dot]com.

Running BostonStrong with some pals in SF

Running BostonStrong with some pals in SF

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