March Goal Check-In


Between a new baby, c-section recovery and getting hit with a nasty flu bug that’s been circulating around Portland a week after Wyatt’s arrival, this month was about one thing and one thing only: Survival.

Sometimes it’s less about looking forward and more about living in the moment — or just getting by from one minute to the next.

Read more about the five goals toward which I’m working in 2016.

I’m still not sure where March went; quite frankly, it’s a blur of dirty diapers, newborn cuddles, sleepless nights, non-stop breastfeeding, pediatrician appointments and a whole lot of staring and smiling at this new little man who has now made us a family of three.

Workouts and training are on hold for at least a few more weeks until I’m cleared by my OB (more on postpartum fitness in a coming post). I have managed to sneak out for a handful of walks when the weather’s nice, which helps me manage the inevitable cabin fever that comes with caring for a newborn ’round the clock.

Work is also on hold for the time being until we can find our groove; Wyatt’s on the gassier/fussier end of the spectrum, so I anticipate it’ll be at least a few more weeks until we get an uninterrupted nap or extended stretch of zzz’s at night (hello, sleep deprivation).

Prep for Team LUNA Chix Portland Run season two, however, has been in progress and I’m happy to announce that our first workout will be on Monday, April 11 at Duniway Track from 6:30-7:30 p.m. As always, it’s FREE and open to women of all levels and abilities (not to mention we’ve got yummy LUNA bars and great LUNA swag for participants), so follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for details.

Until then, it’s just one foot (or feeding…or diaper change…or snuggle) in front of the other…

How are your 2016 goals coming along? 

4 thoughts on “March Goal Check-In

  1. Wow, you are an inspiration. That sounds like a lot to be hit with at once. I loved hearing how you’re taking it moment by moment and focusing on what you can do. And staying POSITIVE – wow!

    My goals are coming along great as our Community just started a 30-day detox focusing on taking a break from a number of foods/booze and inviting in an abundance of the rainbow of produce.

    I’m still working on chronic insomnia with my doc and recovering from adrenal fatigue (all while trying to go from a 75-hr work week to 55), but as you are, I’m focusing on being present, focusing on what I can do, and staying positive.

    Sending so many good vibes to you and your tribe! 😊❤️


    • I’ve been following along & it’s been so exciting to see Fitlandia take off!! A true testament to the hard work & heart you’ve put into the community and programming there – and it’s helping people thrive, which has to be so rewarding. But I’m glad you’re taking the proper steps to care for yourself – so important to longevity. I’m learning to sneak in little things here & there to make sure I can keep plugging along – it’s definitely about treating this stuff (whether work or life) like a marathon, not a sprint!!


  2. It doesn’t seem possible that the little man is already a month old! Where did the month of March go?! I hope you get more sleep soon and find your groove 🙂


    • Thanks! Yes, I’ve been saying it’s simultaneously been the shortest & longest month. Ever. So many great things, but the tough part is that there is NO training plan for newborns!! I thrive on my schedule & it’s now non-existent 🙂

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