Running by the numbers: What’s your treadmill pace?

For someone who is admittedly not much of a math person (apologies to my engineer father), I can get pretty nerdy about numbers when it comes to running.

Ask me to do much more than tally a restaurant tip, and I’ll most likely feign a hearing problem. But start a conversation about stats such as personal records and pacing, and I’m a bonafide mathlete!

I love playing with pacing as a way to motivate myself during workouts, especially on the treadmill: Can I run negative splits, doing each mile just a bit faster that the last? What’s my average pace, and will I be able to decrease it over time? How far can I run in 30 minutes? How quickly can I run a 5K?

But while trying to convert the treadmill’s miles-per-hour readout to my pace per mile can help kill some time, sometimes you just want to focus on the task at hand, so here’s a handy conversion chart. Check it out if you’re curious about how fast you’re going, both per mile and per hour.


Note: Treadmills are notoriously inaccurate, especially if you don’t calibrate it with your personal information, so expect a small margin of error when it comes to exact speed, distance and amount of calories burned.


2 thoughts on “Running by the numbers: What’s your treadmill pace?

  1. Good to know, but I absolutely hate the dreadmill haha I feel as though I can run much faster (and farther) outside. Thank goodness spring is upon us so I don’t have to rely on the machines anymore!!


    • Agreed! The scenery is a lot better outdoors (not to mention fresh air versus what can sometimes get funky in a crowded gym!). I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite treadmill workouts soon – I’m all about intervals and hills to make the minutes go by faster. That, and a nice latte as a reward after 🙂


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