May Goal Check-In


What a whirlwind month! Our first LUNA clinic in the books, a few Pacific Northwest adventures, an uptick in work, some Midwest travel, plus baby and birthday celebrations made for one heck of a busy May.

But as I sat down to reflect on the past 30 days, I realized that this month was less about missing the mark on the original plans I had laid out for the year — and more about how the goals themselves are evolving as the months go by.

Wondering what this is all about? Read more on the five goals toward which I’m working this year.

Here’s the latest on my progress:

1. Seeking Balance

Back in January, my definition of “balance” really meant figuring out how much I could fill my plate without it overflowing. One main component of that was running — training and racing and everything that comes with it.

But as the months unfold, I’ve accepted that there’s going to be a natural ebb and flow in my relationship with running, and I’m enjoying seeking a different kind of balance with a range of activities. Instead of planning my weeks around races and trying to fit everything else in between, I’m fitting runs into my weeks where it makes sense.


2. Training Smarter

How is it that I can feel awesome on a nine-mile hike up Mt. Hood with 4,000+ feet of elevation change, yet as soon as I head out the door to do a measly three-mile run, my SI joint starts protesting?!

One of my biggest frustrations that I’m working through is not being able to focus on running speed or distance as much as I’d like this year (so far). But rather than continuing to fight it, I’m (finally) learning to give in and fine-tuning my efforts other areas, such as hiking, biking and strength training.


3. Facing Fears

In other news, I’m back in the pool! Well, I’ve been in a grand total of…twice since my last update…but it’s a start, right?

And as much as I was dreading my first session back, it was just like they say about riding a bike. After a few laps I found my groove, so now the trick is just remembering that feeling and being more consistent about carving out time to get in and practice.


4. Pushing Myself

I’m also learning that, just as “balance” can have different meanings, so can “pushing yourself.” As in sometimes it’s physical front, sometimes it’s emotional and sometimes it’s mental.

But rarely do (or should!) all three happen at once.

So while racing has had to take a temporary back seat, I’ve been forging ahead in other areas — namely work and some exciting projects coming up. More on that soon! 


5. Giving Back

This past month was all about getting out and about in the Portland community — a place I’m so proud to be able to call home. We had our first Team LUNA Chix clinic with the ladies from Zest Nutrition (and raised $300 for Breast Cancer Fund), the SweatPink crew hit up NoPo Run Club for their anniversary run, and I’ve continued making my rounds to meet with local studio owners.

We’re getting the wheels in motion for more charity events (spin-a-thon, anyone?) for LUNA, so stay tuned. But in the meantime, we’re calling all local Portland ladies to join us for our free weekly workouts on Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. at the Duniway Park Track in Portland; all levels and abilities are welcome.

Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for more info!

How are your 2015 goals coming along? 

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