How I Run: Team LUNA Chix PDX’s Nicole Licking


In honor of our inaugural Team LUNA Chix Portland Run season, I’ll be introducing my teammates via this interview series throughout the next few months…get to know these impressive ladies, and come join us for a run Monday nights from 6:30-7:30 pm in Portland (click here for details)! 

As soon as I put the call out for athletes this season I got a note from my sister recommending Dr. Nicole Licking, and from the moment I met her, I knew she’d make an incredible addition to our team. Her relationship with running started as a way to stay in shape — quite literally, a jog/run class in college — but has turned into a way of life, and she’s eager to share that experience with other women.

When she’s not logging miles, Nicole works at OHSU as a neurologist who cares for patients with movement disorders. She likes to use running as a release and a means of escape within a busy schedule.

Fun fact: Not only is Nicole well-traveled, but she’s also lived just about every place you can think of — I dare you to find a corner of the country she hasn’t explored or lived in! And while she claims to have never been much of a competitive runner, Nicole does admit to enjoying the thrill of running across the finish line knowing that she gave it her all.

1. What’s your favorite route? Whatever route I can take straight from my front door!

2. What shoes do you wear? Asics

3. What other run gear can’t you live without? My hat — blocks the sun from my eyes and keeps the rain off my glasses

4. What’s your best time-saver or “runhack?” If I don’t have enough time for a run, I use my work-out videos. In 30 minutes, I can still improve my cardio and strength. When that doesn’t work, I take the stairs at work!


5. What running-related thing are you better at than anyone else? Focus. My academic training has taught me how to just keep going, even when you think you can’t.

6. What do you listen to while running? Anything up-tempo

7. What are you currently training for? Life! I just enjoy running, as it is my “me” time

8. What are your recovery & sleep routines like? As I get older I am understanding more and more how important stretching can be. I am working on improving this in my post-run/work-out routine. I am very religious about getting to bed on time. I need eight hours of sleep a night!

9. What’s the best running advice you’ve ever received? Running is 90% mental


10. What’s your favorite running-related memory? Winning my first trophy (2nd in my age group in a 10K). I know it sounds silly, but I had never been recognized for true athletic achievement before!

11. Fill in the blank: I’d love to go on a run with __________. My mom

Thanks, Nicole! I’m excited to get to know you even better this season as we cross a few more finish lines together. 

Runner friends, shoot me a note — info (at) — so I can feature you, too!

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