How I Run: SweatGuru founder and ultra-runner Jamie Walker


Jamie Walker is the CEO and co-founder of both SweatGuru, an online marketplace for fitness (disclaimer: where I work!), and Fit Approach, a wildly popular San Francisco boot camp, blog and online community whose “Sweat Pink” motto has inspired more than 5,000 global members and 20,000 monthly visitors to lead healthier lifestyles.

But when she’s not busy being the boss, you will more than likely find Jamie out running the trails like one. She’s an accomplished ultra-marathoner, yogi, trainer and all-around athlete, and it was because of her that I signed up — and completed — my first 50K this year…a mere two weeks after she rocked a 100-mile race.

It’s pretty clear that Jamie’s passion for health extends into everything she does, so I figured it was only fitting that we kick off this brand new interview series by taking a look at what makes this ultra-awesome woman tick:

1. What’s your favorite route? My favorite route is anywhere with a good, long trail…and views. One of my favorite places to run is up on Mt. Tam. I love doing the East Peak Summit run, especially when it involves chasing sunrise.

2. What shoes do you wear? I rotate between Brooks Cascadias and Salomon Sense Mantras for trails and Asics Gel Kayanos for the road.

3. What other run gear can’t you live without? My Nathan hydration pack is my all-time favorite piece of running gear. I can pack everything I need and be a totally self-sufficient runner. Plus, it has been with me on some epic adventures (you can probably tell by the grime).

4. What’s your best time-saver or “runhack?” I am an ultra runner who believes that all training should be efficient. I don’t slog the “recommended” number of long miles every day or weekend, I do what I can when I can. Running isn’t my job and shouldn’t feel like one. I like to go get lost on the trails and am perfectly satisfied when I put miles in, however many I can.

I’m not a lazy runner, though. I keep a consistent base of fitness and challenge myself with interval training, strength training and yoga. I truly believe that if you build a strong body, you can put in the miles. And to build a strong body, you need to differentiate your workouts. This holds true for any sport.

5. What running-related thing are you better at than anyone else? I don’t know if I’m better than anyone at anything, in particular. But one thing I’m super proud of is my ability to shut it all out. I try not to get caught up in pace, splits, and other runner frenzy (anxiety). I run for me and find my zen through running.

6. What do you listen to while running? The sounds of nature and the voices in my head. 😉

7. What are you currently training for? I’m running Dick Collins Firetrails 50 Miler in about a month which is one of my all-time favorite races. I’m also doing another Ragnar Relay, which should be a blast.

8. What are your recovery & sleep routines like? Recovery…what’s that? I don’t have a specific training plan, as I said before. I try to keep a consistent base of fitness and listen to my body. I try to mix up my routine — between running, yoga, weights, bootcamp — and through that find a way to stay active without overdoing it! Sleep, well, let’s just say that’s something I’m really working on lately!

9. What’s the best running advice you’ve ever received? The best running advice I have ever received is “forward progress, just keep moving…” In fact, this has become my own personal mantra. It’s true for running, life and even my career. Everything is all about continuing to put one foot in front of the other.

10. What’s your favorite running-related memory? I think my fondest memory to-date is crossing the finish line at my first ultra – the Dick Collins 50 miler – I was in so much pain and barely hobbling towards the finish, but as soon as I saw it, my body allowed me to give it every last ounce and sprint in through the finish. It felt amazing. I remember laying down in the grass almost immediately and just relishing in my accomplishment.

11. Fill in the blank: I’d love to go on a run with ______. Kelly Ripa. She’s probably pretty fast and would be fun to talk to out on the trails.

Thanks for playing, Jamie! 

Runner friends, please give me a shout (info (at) if you’d like to be featured!

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