StitchFix Shipment No. 3 Review


After my stylist nailed my previous StitchFix (read about it here), I couldn’t wait for my third box to arrive. Not only did I re-request Becca, but I also mentioned that I was going to be moving to Portland and would love some new items for fall.

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If the move taught me one thing, though, it’s that I need to streamline my wardrobe; I’ve been holding onto items that should have been cleared out a looong time ago, so for every new item I take in, I’ve decided to donate an existing one. Now, let’s take a look at came in this month’s box!

photo (1)

First was the Collective Concepts Diane Abstract Dot Print Button Up Blouse ($34). At first glance, I wasn’t sure. The shape and collar are fun, but I don’t usually like short, wide tops that accentuate my hips. The print is fun, though, and I love the contrasting color, so it went into the ‘maybe’ pile.

Next was a pair of Kut from the Kloth Sonja Straight Leg Jean ($78), according to the list — but the style was actually the Catherine Boyfriend Jean, which I actually like better because I can roll the bottoms. Plus, I just ripped a pair of jeans getting into the car (whoops), so these were a total ‘yes!’

Third was the 41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse ($48). Great color, slim shape, and I can wear it either loose or tucked in to both pants and skirts, so it’s super versatile. Another ‘yes!’

After that came the Bay to Baubles Lysander Gem Stone Statement Collar ($44). I like the departure from the typical bubble necklaces, and it’s got some good color in it with the white, blue and orange. But at $44, I’d want to make sure I was in love with it. Again, another ‘maybe.’

And, finally, came the Sugarlips Corra Striped Fit & Flare Skirt ($68). Yikes. All flare and not much fit there, huh? I like where Becca was going with this (and she said she pulled the look based on my Pinterest page), but it was just way too long and poufy in the waist. A definite ‘no.’

So what did I end up buying? The jeans and the pink blouse made the grade; I sent the blue top back because it was just too short and wide, and same for the skirt because, well, it made me look too short and wide. And the necklace…as much as I like it, the quality didn’t feel like $44, so it went back, as well.

My next fix is scheduled for mid-November, and I requested some fun pieces for winter and the holidays. I even mentioned that we could go a little bolder in my notes to the stylist, so I’m excited to see what she chooses.

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I simply love the service and think it’s fun to share my experience. I pay for Stitch Fix on my own. If you sign up for Stitch Fix using my referral link, I will get a credit…woohoo! 

8 thoughts on “StitchFix Shipment No. 3 Review

  1. I got the same fit and flare skirt, and it’s so nice to know that even on someone smaller than me, it still looks too poofy. 🙂


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