StitchFix Shipment No. 2 Review


If you still haven’t heard of StitchFix, you gotta check it out (and, no — they don’t pay me to say that; I’m just a fan).

It’s a personal styling service for women where you fill out a profile and receive a handpicked “Fix” of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. Buy what you like, return the rest. It’s as simple as that.

After my first Fix, I was intrigued. And after my second? I’m officially hooked.

photo 1 (2)

Knowing that it takes a cycle or two to get to know specific style and sizing preferences, I wasn’t shocked when I kept only one of the five items the first time around.

But after providing detailed feedback on what fit, what didn’t, what I liked, and what I didn’t, my StitchFix stylist absolutely nailed it this latest package.

photo 2 (3)

First was the Gilli Gabbiey Sleeveless Maxi Dress in Teal Green ($74). Love the color, the style, the fit and how comfy it feels. A keeper, and this will be so great for summer travel!

Next was a pair of Margaret M Duboce Straight Leg Jeans in White ($108). White jeans are tough enough, let alone when you’re pairing a straight leg style on an athletic body. But I’m glad I went against my initial reaction of, “No. Way.” and tried these on. Success!

Third was the Alternative Apparel Welch Tie Dye Print Button-Up Tank in Light Grey ($74). Another style that I might not have chosen for myself off the rack, but the fit was great and Hubby loved it, so my decision was made.

After that came the Pomelo Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan in Coral ($74). The shape is very unusual — the zipper zips on the side, and the neck drapes into a cowl — so I think it’ll make a fun layering piece for travel.

And, finally, came the Pomelo Moni Stud Detail Tile Print Top in Black ($58). This was the only one I was wavering on, but the fit and details worked well — plus if you keep all five items you get an extra 25 percent off the entire order — so it was a no-brainer.


Add said and done, I purchased the entire shipment, and I’m thrilled with how Becca (my stylist) did. In fact, I even requested her again for the next shipment, which I’ve scheduled for September.

Next time around, I requested some fresh items for fall. And I’ll be updating my personal Pinterest page, which she said she used as inspiration. Can’t wait for the next one!

Want to try StitchFix? Use my referral link to fill out your style profile and get started.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I simply love the service and think it’s fun to share my experience. I pay for Stitch Fix on my own. If you sign up for Stitch Fix using my referral link, I will get a credit…thanks! 

8 thoughts on “StitchFix Shipment No. 2 Review

  1. Good morning!! I love seeing that they did such a good time around! I am actually getting my first fix today (hopefully you got the credit) and cannot wait!


  2. The items fit really well, especially the jeans. I love the length of the sleeves on the cardigan. Wise choice in keeping all the items and getting additional discount!


    • Thanks! Yes, I was really shocked by the jeans myself…almost didn’t try ’em on because I assumed they wouldn’t come close to fitting, but lesson learned: Don’t judge it ’til you try it on; you just might be pleasantly surprised!


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