Detroit Marathon: Week 2 training recap

Photo courtesy of Serena Richardson

Photo courtesy of Serena Richardson

Buongiorno. That’s “good morning” in Italian 🙂

Training for the Detroit Marathon has officially gone international! But fortunately this week was a low-key one in between lots of traveling, “touristing,” eating and relaxing.


Usually, vacations are a time when I back off from any kind of strict running schedule, but this time Hubby and I are embracing it as a way to get in some early morning sight-seeing before we start our days.

And since one of my favorite ways to see new cities is by foot, we’ve been trying to make an adventure of every run — from the mountainous isle of Ischia to the rolling vineyards of Sicily to the coastal village of Positano.

I’ve also been documenting our exploration, so stay tuned for a full post with pictures when I’m back!

Fino a quando ci incontreremo di nuovo! “Until we meet again”…next week! 

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