Happy Earth Day! 5 ways to “green” your exercise routine

earth day

Most people equate Earth Day with reduction, whether it’s waste, electricity or water, but you can also celebrate the holiday by doing something positive – both for the planet and your health.

One idea? Escape the confines of your gym with an outdoor workout. Not only do jungle gyms and park benches double as fun ways for sneaking in strength training, but a recent study from the journal of Environmental Science and Technology also found that there are actual benefits to your mental and physical well-being by exercising outside.

Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving long after the holiday.

Below are four more ways to show your appreciation for Mother Nature while breaking a sweat today:

  • Use equipment that doesn’t require electricity. Try a manual treadmill, such as the TrimWalk, which requires no power (unless you count sheer willpower, of course). Simply set the pace and go, and when you’re finished, it folds and stores conveniently under a bed. If you’re up for a bigger challenge, try a bike generator, which allows athletes to translate their exertion into energy, in the form of a 12-Volt battery.
  • Practice eco-running. The mission? Simply lace up your running shoes, grab a garbage bag and jog around town, filling it with trash. Sure, in the grand scheme of things it’s a small step, but it’s more about raising awareness for personal responsibility and creating momentum for a more positive impact on the planet. Visit EcologyRunner for more information on this movement, a brainchild of Samuel Huber, who created it to merge his two passions.
  • Participate in a local Earth Day event. Get involved, and help rally your community to make a difference! Visit EarthDay.org to view a list of events happening around the world, including celebrations, beach clean-ups, conservation talks, conferences, festivals and more.
  • Get some eco-friendly fitness gear. Enhance your workout with equipment that works well and does some good. For example:
      • Amplify your ability to give back with LSTN Troubadors headphones. Not only are they made of reclaimed beech wood, ebony wood or cherry wood casing, but for every purchase, the company will also help restore hearing to a person in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.
      • Close the gap between your active lifestyle and others’ needs with the MiiR Growler water bottle. For each bottle purchased, one person in need is supplied with water for a year.
      • Finally, hydrate responsibly with Treeson spring water. For every bottle sold, a tree is planted — and each bottle comes with a mailing label so it can be returned via USPS to be put through a special process that turns it into clean energy used to make more bottles.

How are you honoring Earth Day this year? 

4 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day! 5 ways to “green” your exercise routine

    • I prefer motorized, but set them to manual mode sometimes to mix up my workouts. The best of both worlds because you can work different muscles & get some strength training in there!


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