Happy World Run Day!

If you haven’t logged your daily miles on the trails, track or treadmill, there are still a few more hours to get out and celebrate World Run Day, an annual event that celebrates (surprise!) running and charitable giving.

Source: Active.com

Source: Active.com

The event was created in 1999 by Long Island runner Bill McDermott in remembrance of his brother, who was killed in an automobile accident on Nov. 8, 1983. Since then, World Run Day takes place on the Sunday closest to November 8 each year, and has counted tens of thousands of participants to-date.

WRD-2013activeWorld Run Day’s mission is “to broaden and promote the health benefits of running while also encouraging runners to donate to their favorite charity.” It’s the only event of its kind celebrated simultaneously around the globe with group events, both large and small, in cities such as San Francisco, London, Sydney and even Afghanistan.

Each year, World Run Day event organizers and participants hope to further the sport by helping to:

  • Promote running — Partner organizations highlight the health benefits of running for all citizens young and old
  • Encourage charitable giving — The event serves as a rallying cry throughout the running community to help others
  • Mobilize the running community — To elevate the sport of running while promoting its benefits and providing locations for people to run locally
  • Offer event director tools — Free resources are available to produce local World Run Day events
  • Inspire future running leaders — A campus outreach program is intended to inspire members of a younger generation

For more information, or to participate in this year’s event, visit RunDay.com.

How are you planning on observing the ‘holiday?’

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