Boost energy and athletic performance with…algae?

Source: PureGoodness

Source: PureGoodness

Yep, you read that correctly. Move over kale, there’s a new (blue-green) sheriff in town: algae.

Utilized by astronauts and Olympic athletes for decades, it boasts a thousand times more nutrition than any other fruit or vegetable and has the highest concentration of protein in the world, according to NASA research. And now that eating “green” is red-hot in health and fitness circles, algae is poised to make a massive comeback.

Spirulina is a variety of freshwater blue-green algae that was among the first plant life on Earth. It is so concentrated with nutrition that 40 years ago, the World Bank and United Nations declared it to be the healthiest food in the world. Not only is it an excellent source of protein – all in the form of essential amino acids for muscle, health and cellular growth – but it also has more than 40 nutrients for full-spectrum health and natural nitric oxide for immediate and enduring physical and mental energy.

Here are a few of the nutritional highlights of spirulina:

    • Provides 12 times the amount of bio-available protein as steak
    • Is composed of 60-64% protein compared to meat (27%) or soy (34%)
    • More beta carotene than any other whole food
    • 58 times more iron than raw spinach
    • 12 times more iron than beef liver
    • Richest source of antioxidants – necessary for health and anti-aging
    • Richest source of vitamin A (which helps your eyesight)
    • Richest plant source of GLA to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure

Now, I happen to be a huge fan of supplementing my diet with superfoods to fill in some of the inevitable nutritional gaps, so when the folks at ENERGYbits contacted me to try their 100 percent organic spirulina product, I had to see for myself if it lived up to all the hype.


According to ENERGYbits, you need at least 20-30 tabs per serving to feel a difference and at least 30 tabs per day to experience a change in your health, but since I had one tin of bits to test, I decided to space them out a…ahem…’bit.’

You can chew ’em or swallow ’em whole (they’re tiny, and only one calorie each), so I opted for the former during my first go-around, but they tasted just like they smelled (kinda fishy) and really stuck to my teeth, so I made a mental note to swallow the rest whole.

While I can’t exactly quantify the results (especially with the smaller servings I took), I did use them mid-marathon training and was pleased with the results. I tried a handful before a morning run for a little energy boost, and they didn’t upset my usually-sensitive stomach. And since the they also pack lots of good protein, I popped some after a few of my longer runs, too, for help with recovery.

The final verdict: If you’re trying to up your daily quota of green foods, like me, or are concerned about filling in some of those nutritional gaps I mentioned above, algae is a great option, and ENERGYbits are a convenient way in which to do so. Personally, I’m also excited to incorporate them into recipes, such as protein shakes and fruit smoothies, to help round out my diet.

Want to experience ENERGYbits for yourself? Just use the promo code “BLOG” in the coupon box to receive a 10% discount on your next order!

Thanks to the folks at ENERGYbits for providing samples for review; all opinions are my own. 

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