DIY beauty: Honey and olive oil hair mask

Photo Credit: National Honey Board

Photo Credit: National Honey Board

Summer is hard on hair. Between drying heat, scorching sun and harsh chlorine (plus the usual damage from coloring and styling), it’s a recipe for tresses that are a real mess come fall.

So now’s the perfect time to take preventative measures with this homemade hot-oil treatment.

Using honey, a natural humectant, plus olive oil, a rich emollient, this DIY mask not only conditions hair and makes it easy to comb, but it also adds shine and prevents breakage.

The best part, though?

You already have both ingredients in your cupboard!

DIY Honey & Olive Oil Hair Mask


  • 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tbsp honey


  1. Spoon honey and olive oil into a microwave-safe container

    Just two ingredients, and you're on your way to healthier hair

    Two ingredients to healthier hair

  2. Dampen hair slightly, but not to the point where it’s dripping
  3. Microwave mixture for 30 seconds. Remove and stir to combine


    Be careful – it’s be deceivingly hot once microwaved

  4. When cool enough to touch, work a small amount at a time through hair, roots to tips
  5. Cover well-coated hair with plastic wrap before wrapping head with a towel


    The aftermath…the pursuit of beauty’s not always pretty

  6. Let the mask work it’s magic for 30 minutes before shampooing in the shower
  7. Repeat monthly to revive dull, dry hair

Of course, I had to get over the  initial “ick” factor of combing some very sticky honey through my damaged, delicate strands.

But once I saw the results – gorgeous, shiny, super-soft locks – I’ve been hooked on this easy, at-home treatment.

Not bad for a half hour and just a handful of ingredients from your pantry!

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