It’s official…

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After nearly a decade in the Bay Area, Hubby and I just made the move north to his home state of Oregon. And although we relocated for his job, I’m thrilled be be able to keep mine as we expand SweatGuru into the Northwest. (Got a favorite instructor or studio I should check out? Let me know!)

We’re still in the process of getting unpacked and settled, but I’m already itching to check out new running routes and all the different kinds of exercise options here…along with a healthy helping of VooDoo doughnuts, Stumptown coffee and local beer, I’m sure.

And, yes, I’ll be documenting all of our adventures here…so stay tuned for everything you’ve ever wanted to know — and probably a lot you don’t — about Portland!

10 thoughts on “It’s official…

  1. Good luck settling in! I’m definitely jealous–my husband and I almost moved there two years ago but opted for Colorado, unfortunately not the cool part of the state, instead so we could ski. All the pics I see of Portland make me wish we had gone farther west. Oh well 😉


      • Whoa, no way! I did work at WCS, and interned freelanced for them too. Small world! I spotted your post with Terra Castro–I interviewed her a few years ago and we were reminiscing over MI (I had no idea she went to Marian and I grew up a few miles down Lahser)–and started reading your blog 🙂


      • Oh, awesome! And, yep, I totally remember you! I’d never forget a fellow runner – I think you were training for Chicago when I was there & remember you rocking it 😉 Great to meet up again, and I’m so honored to have you here – have always loved your stuff from our WCS days & beyond!


      • Aw, you just made my day with your comment! Yes, I probably was training for Chicago…still running it now all these years later. Thanks for the kind words on my work; here’s to hoping I can use that to crank out some blog posts in between this assignment I so don’t want to write right now 😉 And definitely great to meet up again!


      • I look forward to following along on your athletic pursuits, too, and hopefully we can chat in person at one of these events! Although probably NOT one of your Ironman races, haha!


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