How I Run: Team LUNA Chix PDX’s Kristin Minto


In honor of our inaugural Team LUNA Chix Portland Run season, I’ll be introducing my teammates via this interview series throughout the next few months…get to know these impressive ladies, and come join us for a run Monday nights from 6:30-7:30 pm in Portland (click here for details)! 

As a fellow dog-lover, runner and wine connoisseur, there was no question that Kristin Minto would make a great addition to our core Team LUNA Chix Portland Run group. She and Ben go back to their days as OSU Beavers, but it wasn’t long after we moved to Portland that I was plotting to get her to convert from orange and black to (LUNA’s) yellow and blue.

When Kristin’s not working alongside oral surgeons by day, you can find her getting her cardio fix at Burncycle, working on her conditioning at The Edge, hitting the philanthropy circuit (she’s on the board of the Children’s Cancer Association here in Portland) or cuddling her adorably-gigantic pooch. She’s just one of those incredibly-inspiring people who seem to have found 27 hours in day and make the most of each and every one of ’em.

After dominating the Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland half marathon this spring, Kristin’s also started training for her first 26.2 at the Portland Marathon this fall. I see quite a few long runs in our future, and predict a few good stories in the process, so you’ll have to stay tuned…


1. What’s your favorite route? We are so fortunate to have Forest Park located right in the heart of our city that I would have to say my favorite route would be a good ‘ol trail run. Aside from it being beautiful, I like to mix up my training so I’m not just road running 100 percent of the time.

2. What shoes do you wear? Brooks

3. What other run gear can’t you live without? My iPod loaded with great music!

4. What’s your best time-saver or “runhack?” If I’m running short on time and can’t get a decent run in, I run stairs. There are a couple sets of stairs in the West Hills and near OHSU that I frequent.


5. What running-related thing are you better at than anyone else? Ooh boy… Not sure on this one! I would say I’m probably better than most at dodging the photographers during races. I’m not a big fan of having my picture taken mid-race. However, I usually get a good laugh out of the ones that do get snapped. They really know how to capture some doozies!

6. What do you listen to while running? Everything from Pitbull to Guns N’ Roses as long as it has an upbeat tempo. There is nothing like a playlist loaded with upbeat music to put a little kick in my step when I’m feeling a little sluggish or unmotivated for a run.

7. For what are you currently training? The Portland Marathon.

8. What are your recovery & sleep routines like? I will admit that I could be a little better in the sleep department just because it seems there aren’t ever enough hours in the day. I try my hardest to average seven hours a night, though.

Hydration and foam rolling are typically part of my recovery routine, and if it’s a post-race recovery, I can usually be found rewarding myself with a mimosa and brunch!


9. What’s the best running advice you’ve ever received? “Listen to your body.” It’s so true. Sometimes if I feel like I can’t catch my breath or just feel “off,” I will pull out my earbuds and just asses my breathing and what’s going on while I’m running. I can usually straighten out whatever is going on and get into my normal groove.

10. What’s your favorite running-related memory? Running my first race and crossing that finish line for the first time. It’s so rewarding and such a great feeling of accomplishment!

11. Fill in the blank: I’d love to go on a run with __________. My pup Oscar.  I would love to go on runs with him more often, but he’s a big boy and tuckers out quicker than I do, so I only take him on 3-6 milers.

It gets a little embarrassing when we come to a stop light and he lays down on the sidewalk at an intersection for a break…. Like EVERY intersection!


Thanks, Kristin! Can’t wait to hit up some trails, long runs and, oh, maybe even tackle a relay together this summer. 

Runner friends, shoot me a note — info (at) — so I can feature you, too!

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