Hood to Coast prep: Packing for an overnight relay

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Let the countdown begin! Hood to Coast is coming up this weekend, so I made my list, checked it twice and started prepping early to avoid forgetting any last-minute items.

Because I’m an overnight relay newbie, my due diligence consisted of cross-checking a few different lists to see what people recommend. Here’s a peek at what I’m packing:

  1. Coeur Sports hat for sun protection (day) and warmth (night)
  2. Garmin Forerunner 910XT for tracking mileage during my legs
  3. TriSlide for keeping chafage at bay
  4. Flip flops for letting my feet breathe between legs
  5. A comfy outfit for down-time
  6. CEP compression calf sleeves if I decide I need support
  7. Four different running outfits (we’re down a runner, so I’m doing four legs)
  8. Petzl headlamp for nighttime running
  9. Sunglasses to shield eyes during the day
  10. Bonk Breaker bars to stay fueled
  11. Lacrosse ball to massage out any tight spots
  12. A towel for mopping sweat or drying off post-shower
  13. Lululemon waterproof hoodie, just in case it rains
  14. Bag to transport all my gear
  15. Travel pillow so I can try to catch a few winks
  16. Osmo Active Hydration for Women
  17. S! Caps for electrolytes and salt
  18. Antacid tablets to ward off tummy troubles
  19. Nuun for keeping electrolyte levels in check
  20. Deodorant to help keep me (and the van) from stinking
  21. Sunscreen for during my daytime legs
  22. Backpack to carry additional items
  23. Two pairs of running shoes to swap every leg
  24. Sigvaris performance socks for recovery between legs
  25. Napsack jacket/sleeping bag combo for staying warm while dozing

Not pictured:

  • Waterproof tarp for keeping my sleeping bag dry
  • Knuckle Lights for nighttime running
  • Socks & underwear — five pairs, one for each leg plus a spare set
  • Shower Pill body wipes to help clean up
  • Colgate Wisps disposable toothbrushes to freshen up
  • Misc food to stay fueled — PB&J sandwiches, potato chips, etc.
  • Misc. meds/first aid — Advil, pepto, chapstick, ear plugs, etc.
  • Cell phone and chargers to stay in touch
  • Gallon-sized Ziploc bags to sort outfits and gear

Let’s hope I’m not missing anything! What are your must-have items for overnight relays?

6 thoughts on “Hood to Coast prep: Packing for an overnight relay

    • Thanks, and YES, please! I ordered some but they haven’t arrived yet, so would love to keep from getting too stinky in the van. Please email me info-at-kineticfix-dot-com for address (or let me know yours & I’ll write). Thank you!


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