Body After Baby: Tried-and-true tips for new moms

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Photo courtesy of

After catching up with ultra-mama Sarah Evans a few weeks ago, I thought it’d be fun today to revisit some of the great advice from a few of my other “mom friends” about reclaiming their pre-baby bodies.

We’re not talking about fitting into some kind of Barbie doll-sized skinny jeans, though; we’re talking about getting your groove back — feeling good inside and out, finding a new routine and establishing healthy habits for the whole family.

That’s why I love the sentiment in the photo above, and it’s also why I find people like Sarah and the other moms I interviewed so inspiring.

I still don’t know how they find the time — or the energy — but I admire their creativity and determination for maintaining a fitness routine despite a new (and pretty darn demanding) member in the household.

And speaking of “homes,” Hubby and I are making our way north to our new one this week… More on that in this week’s marathon training recap!

Moms, how did you get back into your fitness groove post-baby?

2 thoughts on “Body After Baby: Tried-and-true tips for new moms

  1. I’m doing it right now. My advice is this: for that (possible) one hour of free time a day, spend it exercising. Walking, running, gym, home workout, whatever. In the long run, it pays off way more than new clothes, a manicure (in my opinion), a clean house, or a well-prepared meal- all of which can be accomplished in that one hour of free time a day, too. Priortize!


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