Get Your Fix: Zola’s “Fruits of the World”

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If you read up on the 10 hot nutrition trends for spring, you know that coconut water is making a comeback (has it ever left?), thanks to its loyal following of fitness junkies and athletes who use it as a high-potassium replacement for sugary sports drinks.

But while I love to use the slightly-sour liquid in place of water or juice in smoothies, I’ve never really been a fan of sucking it down straight from the bottle – until now.

At the suggestion of my friend, Fit Approach co-founder Jamie Walker, I tried Zola’s version and found it is indeed all it’s “cracked” up to be (plus, as an ultra-marathoner, boot-camp instructor and yogi, I’m pretty sure Jamie knows a little something about hydration).

Not only does it contain five essential electrolytes – potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium – but unlike a lot of stuff that’s that good for you, it also actually tastes great.

How? Founder and intrepid traveler Chris Cuvelier has been trekking around the globe for more than a decade in search of the world’s best sources for the tastiest and most nutritious exotic fruits – which just happen to be Thai coconuts and Brazilian Açaí, by the way (the company also offers a yummy line of antioxidant-packed Açaí juices, too).

I guess you could say the, well, “fruits” of his labor turned out to be some pretty darn delicious and refreshing ways to replenish, re-hydrate and recover.

Thanks to the folks at Zola for providing samples for review; all opinions are my own.