My favorite life-changing kitchen hack


Ok, that title is a bit dramatic. But for someone who eats — on average — an avocado a day, it’s become imperative to find an easier way to prepare these slippery little suckers.

Previously, I’d cut them in half lengthwise and clumsily attempt to peel the skin away on each side only to have it disintegrate into hand-held guacamole. Or I’d cut them in half and scoop out the flesh, but that’s not really an option if you’re looking for pretty avocado slices or dices.

Enter this genius little kitchen hack. Total game changer!

First, use a sharp knife to carefully cut a ripe avocado in half, lengthwise. You’ll have to rotate it as you go because you can’t cut through the pit, and then gently twist to get the two halves apart.


Next, remove the pit by striking it with the heel of the knife until the blade goes about 1/4 into it. Carefully twist the knife to remove the pit.


After that, slice each half lengthwise again. Now you’ve got it cleanly quartered and are ready to strip the skin.


No more fumbling around, though. If the avocado is ripe enough, the whole piece will come off in one fell swoop. Voilà!


Now you’ve got some gorgeous avocado to use however you choose. My favorites are in salads to add good fats, on sandwiches in place of mayo and in good ol’ guacamole…with tortilla chips and salsa, of course.


What’s your tried-and-true kitchen hack?

8 thoughts on “My favorite life-changing kitchen hack

  1. Love my little garlic rubber tube… put the piece of garlic in the tube and role the tube on the counter and out comes the garlic with all the skin off!


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