Happy Birthday, Dad!


Son, engineer, metallurgist, PhD, husband, father, pop-pop.

Cherry-bomber, banana-smusher, pea-smasher, we-gotta-get-outta-this-placer.

Oreo aficionado, pen collector, name-that-tune title holder, keeper of the peace and answer-er to all of our questions.

Devoted family man, caring boss, generous soul and common-sense adviser with a wicked sense of humor.

PixSept26 038

From your pre-dawn childhood paper route to dodging melted metal on the foundry floor to logging long hours while leading the charge as an executive, your work ethic and commitment to our family has been something I both admire and appreciate.

And, as I always say, isn’t it a funny thing that the older I get, the smarter you get?!


Well, we’ve been listening to your advice for years, and although it may not have seemed like much was sinking in (for example, that time I crashed my car into yours…in our driveway), we heard every word.

Thank you for always being there “time after time” — from middle-of-the-night calls to providing a shoulder to cry or lean on before gently guiding us back on track.


Happy birthday, Dad! I love you! 

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