Happy Birthday, Stacey!


Daughter, sister, doctor, best friend, mom — single-handedly raising one of the cutest kiddos ever (I’m a tad biased as a #ProudAuntie, but it’s still true).

Role model, natural-born leader, deal-seeker, stylish dresser.

Compassionate caregiver, avid baker, mindful lifestyler and all-around smartypants.

RNR Half Chicago6 Aug09

Not only do you humor me and my harebrained ideas, but you fully commit to anything you put your mind to — not just doing it, but doing it well.

Case in point: A self-professed non-runner who completed not one but two half marathons in Chicago (above) and Detroit (below) in 2009 and 2011, respectively.


Life may have given you some lemons these past few years, but you’ve certainly made some pretty damn fantastic lemonade.

You’re the strongest person I know, and I’m thrilled to see you flourishing, happy and healthy.


Happy birthday, Stacey! I love you! 

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