Detroit Marathon: Week 7 training recap


This week was a whirlwind with two trips to Seattle (one for business meetings and workouts with the SweatGuru team, then another personal one with Hubby and friends).

And even though my training took a bit of a hit, it didn’t stop me from getting sweaty. We documented our adventures via the SweatGuru blog, so if you’re in need of a great studio when in Seattle, you might want to check out these spots!

  • ModBody Fitness – bootcamp with Stacey, who is doing Ironman Boulder this weekend
  • Ian Fitness – bootcamp with Abril and the energetic early morning crew
  • Troy Lucero Acme Yoga Project – challenging Ashtanga class with Troy, who got me into my first handstand
  • Parkour Visions – by the end of class, Brian had us hurdling over six feet walls
  • Sync Fitness – bootcamp with Jill, whose flow and music we absolutely loved
  • Lab5 Fitness – Roy had us feeling the burn with this Pilates-based strength & cardio class
  • Urban Yoga Spa – we topped off the trip (and pampered our tired muscles) with some hot yoga

Needless to say, I’m a little sore from all the different activities — and I definitely discovered a few muscles I haven’t used in a while.

photo (4)

But there’s one thing that’s really been concerning me this week: a plantar fasciitis flare-up in my right foot. It’s something that started as a nagging annoyance during last year’s marathon training, but lately it’s been getting worse.

I’m waiting until we get to Portland and get settled to attack it professionally with some type of massage, PT, acupuncture or ART (still deciding and polling athlete friends; let me know if something’s worked well for you). I know that not running will ultimately help, but it’s not quite to that point, so I’m icing, rolling and taking Advil in the meantime.

photo (3)

So rather than overextend myself by doubling up on miles, squeezing in extra workouts or switching up the schedule too much, I ended up modifying things this week by skipping the first three days of workouts while on the road. Luckily one of those days was an “off” day, but I am feeling anxious about missing the Tuesday speed work.

Other than that, training is progressing well, and I’ve got renewed faith in the program, thanks to last week’s 10K race. My “easy” run pace is slowing to somewhere in the 9:00 range, but I’m still able to maintain the tempo (8:46) and long (9:29) paces, so I feel like I’m on the right track.


Thanks again for following along, and stay tuned for next week as I close out the second month of training! 

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