Detroit Marathon: Week 5 training recap

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Well, fresh off our travels — literally, we landed late Sunday night — Hubby and I packed up and hit the road again.

The only difference? This time it wasn’t a trip, it was a move.

When Hubby decided to go back to school three years ago, we felt like this day might never come. But now that he’s graduated and it’s here, it’s bittersweet.

And as excited as we are for this next adventure, it’s always hard saying goodbye — especially when you’ve made great friends in a state that you’ve called “home” for the last decade.

It’ll be a few more weeks until we get settled up in Portland, so amid the chaos, thank goodness for the constant of marathon training!

Here’s what was on deck for the week.


Since this week marks the end of the mileage-building cycle, I’ve started to buckle down and shift my focus from merely completing runs (consistency) to keeping a closer eye on pacing (quality).

Depending on the distance, a comfortable pace has been averaging around 8:30-8:40 for these, but I know that’ll change as the runs increase in duration and frequency.

Another change this week? I’m slowly adding cross training back into the mix, in the form of yoga and weight lifting. And I’m itching to do some swimming and biking once my schedule calms down, too.

But starting next week, I’ll be doing more speed-based workouts, so you can expect more detailed descriptions of each run and how I’m feeling as the program progresses.

But for now, I’m just trying to get into some semblance of a routine during this transition period…and fortunately this scenery helps!


Thanks, as always, for following along…and stay tuned for week six!

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