How I work out…of a workout funk


Fitness has always been a part of my life. Initially, yes, I had to force myself to find the enjoyment in it, but as I got into better shape it became a habit, which has now evolved into a full-blown lifestyle.

Most days, it’s not even a question; breaking a sweat is like scratching an itch. Hubby even jokes that I’m like a border collie and need to get out my extra energy with a good run.

Throw in a race with a training schedule, and I’m in my happy place with A) a game plan, B) a goal, and C) the satisfaction of being able to check something off the list each day.

But once in a while the pendulum slows, and it’s tough to maintain my usual momentum…whether it’s a case of the post-race let-downs, a schedule lull, workout burnout, life throwing a temporary curve ball — or  a combo of all of the above.

Like now, where I’m still processing my HITS Napa race and loosely training for my 50K at the end of the month, all while Hubby and I are preparing to mark some milestones and life changes together in the next few months.

Needless to say, the resolve with which I approached triathlon training has waned. So what to do when your usual outlet(s) for release become potential source(s) of stress?


Yup, my new mantra came via mail recently from one of my best friends who wanted to give me a boost (thank you, Marisa!). And little did she know, it led to my return to the pool last week.

I knew I needed to get back on the proverbial horse after my race went poorly, but I’d been feeling cautious, tentative and — honestly — a bit deflated with regards to the water.

So for the first time in a little over a month, I took the plunge. My body wasn’t feeling it. My mind wasn’t into it. So I tricked both by taking a different approach.

Instead of a workout, I went “naked” (sans tech devices) to just try to enjoy splashing around for 1500 yards. Right away I could tell I’ve lost some fitness, but about 1000 yards in, I started to feel a glimmer of that mojo I’ve been missing.

No, I’m not signing up for that bucket-list half ironman anytime soon (I’ve got a lot of work to do first), but it did get me thinking about staying present, finding enjoyment in the process and celebrating incremental victories instead of focusing solely on the pursuit of a singular goal.

So, in the meantime? Just like the shirt says, I’m going to keep calm, put one stroke, pedal and foot in front of the other…and embrace the journey.

How do you bounce back from a tough race or work out of a workout funk?

7 thoughts on “How I work out…of a workout funk

  1. I find that focusing my efforts on what goals I really want to accomplish next keep me moving forward. If I have a bad race, I typically sign up for another one just to get the opportunity to redeem myself 😉


  2. LOVE the article Jen and I am all too familiar… When I do a self check and find I am in a workout funk I switch it up and find a new class to reinvigorate myself like testing out a free week at a new studio; spin, cycle, zumba whatever it takes to make it fun again!

    PS half iron bucket list… Im in for Vineman 2015?!? Wanna sign up?


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