HITS Napa Olympic Triathlon: Week 1 training recap

photo (26)

Whew, what a week! 

Usually when I set a start date for training and work out the weekly schedule, I make every effort to stick to it (within reason). But with my 30K race smack-dab at the end of this first week, it’s pretty safe to say that most of my focus was heavily weighted toward that one particular discipline.  

Here’s what was on the schedule — and what actually ended up happening (in purple)…

Week 1 Olympic Distance Training Plan: 

  • Swim 45 min. (45 min. spin class)
  • Bike 60-90 min. / Run 20-30 min. off the bike (45 min. spin class)
  • Swim 45 min. (45 min. swim)
  • Easy run, 45 min. (easy run, 10 miles)
  • Rest or active recovery (Rest)
  • Long bike, 90-150 min (45 min. spin class)
  • Long run, 9 miles (30K trail race, 18.5 miles)

As you can see, running was the theme of the week; I only got in one swim at the pool, and the three bike sessions were indoor spin classes, so the name of the game for week two will be to get my act together when it comes to following the suggested workouts — and taking the swim and bike portions outdoors. 

But first, a peek at the week’s highlights: First up was the 10-miler I squeezed in early on to shake out the legs before Saturday’s race. One of my favorite scenic routes is over the Golden Gate Bridge to catch some great views of the city on sunny days. 


Next up was the lone pool workout. The good news is that I’m getting much more comfortable in the water, so I’m trying to work more on refining my form and technique…and hoping to use this confidence to start chipping away at that open-water swim! 

photo (25)

My three spin classes were all for fun reasons, which made each a special event: The first was to accompany my college friend Brian on his first SoulCycle ride, the second was to celebrate my friend Mariana’s birthday, and the third was an office outing with the SweatGuru crew…now that’s what I call a “happy hour.”


Finally, I capped of the week with Saturday’s 30K with Vivi and Molly. Here’s an action shot from one of the mid-race climbs. 

photo (27)

Stay tuned for week two…where I actually get with the program! 


12 thoughts on “HITS Napa Olympic Triathlon: Week 1 training recap

  1. Wow, the pool looks so serene… nice picture! I You’ve had great workouts!! Awesome job! 😉
    The pool picture is actually very motivating for me! I’m training for summer nationals and have felt a bit tired lately due to all the running, but thanks for the inspiration!!
    Have a great day!!


    • Thanks! I hear ya on the being tired…definitely a side effect of training (well, that and wanting to eat everything in sight). But glad I could help inspire you…I always remind myself: “I GET to do this!” Good for you for getting out there – and congrats on the strong runs!


  2. Nice week of training! I’m also in the early stages of tri training and ran the Montara Half in Pacifica this weekend. Taking spin sessions outside is going to be really important, especially when light allows as it gets closer to spring!


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