Race Recap: Turkey Trail Trot XI


Happy holidays, and I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and all kinds of delicious food!

We enjoyed all of the above, but only after burning off a few pre-meal calories in the five-mile Turkey Trail Trot in San Francisco.


The weather was gorgeous (around 70), and they capped the field at 1,400, so it wasn’t too crowded as we gathered at the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park for the start.


Our friend, Matt, had invited Hubby and me to join his brother and extended family in their annual Thanksgiving tradition, so a fun run seemed like the perfect way to cap off a successful running season (not to mention an excuse to dress up in costumes).


I was coming off last weekend’s half marathon, plus my legs were pretty shot from working out with the November Project crew (more on that in another post) and taking a riding lesson the day before, so my plan was to jog it super easy, sans music, and just relax and enjoy the ride.


Of course, that included some super-awkward mid-run selfies along the way, but we had a blast and crossed the finish line in 47:24, averaging 9:29 minutes per mile. Not a PR, by any means, but the point was to get out, stretch the legs and prep our stomachs for the feast that evening.


On the menu? Turkey two ways, squash, stuffing, salad, Brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, gravy and, of course, a selection of pies (apple, pecan, peanut butter, pumpkin chiffon), plus a pear tart thrown in for good measure. Oh, and wine…lots and lots of wine.

It felt good to indulge, even if it took until mid-day the next day to fully digest everything and finally feel hungry again!

How much damage did you do on the big day?

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