How to avoid being haunted by Halloween treats



Let the holiday gobbling commence.

According to one article in USA Today, five percent of all candy consumption for the year will occur this week, starting with All Hallow’s Eve.

Even scarier? Most parents eat one out of every two candy bars their children bring home, says Harry Baltzer, vice president of the NPD Group, which does research on eating trends.

Chocolates rank first in popularity, especially among adults, followed by chewy candies and hard candy.

So how can you enjoy the season’s treats without playing tricks on your waistline? Below are a few tips for starting some healthy habits this Halloween:

    • Buy healthy treats such as raisins, popcorn balls, pretzels and toys (just be prepared for possible retaliation in the form of toilet paper)
    • If you’re giving out candy, don’t buy your favorite brand…it’ll keep you from skimming off the top while you wait
    • Feed trick-or-treaters a solid meal before they hits the streets to avoid snacking – that goes for parents, too
    • Partition the evening’s loot into three piles immediately: Enjoy now, freeze for later and give away
    • Finally…do enjoy your favorite candy on Halloween, and savor every bite so you don’t feel deprived of the fun

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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