You might be a runner if…

Photo credit: Fleet Feet Sports

Photo credit: Fleet Feet Sports

Runners sure are a quirky bunch.

Age, distance and average pace aside, there are some things to which anyone who regularly laces up a pair of running shoes can relate.

Here are a few favorite idiosyncrasies that I’ve observed (and, yes, even participated in) over the years.

So, without further ado, I present:

You might be a runner if…

…you bond with people over the topic of poop.

…more than half of your laundry pile is workout clothes.

…you may forget birthdays and anniversaries, but you can instantly recall a PR or race date.

…you know what “PR” stands for (personal record).

…60 degrees and foggy sounds like the perfect SF summer day (for a run).

…you’ve stopped making fun of fanny packs because they closely resemble the belt/backpack you wear on long runs.

…there’s a dedicated space in your house for drying out your sweaty workout wardrobe.

…you think 50 Shades of Grey is a description of your pile of running socks.

…your monthly budget includes an allotment for race entries and travel.

…when people ask for directions, you gauge the distance based on your local running routes.

…your Nike+ monitor has more mileage than your car.

…you’ve gone from avoiding port-o-potties like the plague to being thankful when stumbling upon one mid-run.

…in the absence of said port-o-pottie, you’ve had to get creative with covert ops for relieving yourself.

…you pause for a moment when someone asks how old you are, but instantly state the age of your current pair of running shoes.

…several of your drawers are dedicated to old race shirts and medals that you’re not quite sure what to do with.

…you get excited when the latest Runner’s World shows up in the mail, and you save dog-eared copies for future reference.

…you’re actually excited to get older because it means you get to move up into the next age group bracket.

…when you see runners waving an arm waiting for their GPS watch to sync up before a run, you totally feel their pain.

…you can name the location of every free, public restroom within a running-distance radius.

…the first question you ask any doctor is, “So, when can I run again?”

…you can run miles and miles, no problem, but sometimes it’s a struggle to walk up/down stairs.

…forget “farmer’s tan;” you’ve got all sorts of odd lines from various socks, shorts and shirts.

…you religiously keep a training log to track your mileage, and you’d never dream of rounding a 3.75-mile run up to a “four-miler.”

…you don’t bat an eye at spending upwards of $150 on running shoes, but you refuse to buy dress shoes unless they’re on sale.

…you’ve apologized during a pedicure for the calluses and/or blisters all over your feet.

…there’s a special place in your pantry for protein powder, gels and recovery drinks.

…you pay close attention to the color of your pee.

…driving by a golf course, your first thought is, “That’d be a great spot to get in some hill work.”

…your favorite food group is carbs, and you can eat your weight in them.

…during training, your highest heels are your running shoes.

And, finally…you may be a runner if you made it all the way through this list and found yourself nodding along.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to add your favorites in the comments below!

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