Get your fix: KEEN’s Haven CNX shoe

Photo credit: The Gear Institute

Photo credit: The Gear Institute

You might be a runner if…you wouldn’t dare think of doing anything else in your designated running shoes except, well, running.

Why? Athletic shoes have a limited lifespan of anywhere from 300-600 miles (it varies by person), so if you’re spending upwards of $150 per pair, you may want to consider conserving your mileage in them.

Which is why I went in search of a good cross-training shoe for anything from bike riding and hiking to boot camps and strength training (think speed and agility over endurance).

I’m not a huge fan of minimalist running shoes (I like my shoes how I like my best girlfriends: supportive!), but I do look for a more natural foot feel for other activities; so when KEEN approached me to try their new Haven CNX, a low-profile, multi-sport outdoor shoe, I decided to give it a shot.

The Haven CNX offers the same KEEN fit and protection we know and love, only lightened up with a proprietary new midsole and multi-directional flex grooves on the sole, which allow for more freedom of movement. They delivered over the course of several tests on easy-to-moderate trails, allowing me to feel a solid connection despite varied terrain.

And at a mere 8.2 ounces, these shoes fit like a glove and are as comfortable as slippers thanks to the soft,  super-breathable mesh uppers, which are adjustable for a variety of foot widths. Throw in the contoured arch and metatarsal ridge for underfoot support, and you’ve got a versatile pair of shoes that’ll give any runner a reason to shed their usual kicks on those cross-training days!

Keen Haven

Thanks to the folks at Keen for providing samples for review; all opinions are my own. 

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