Happy Birthday, Ben!

Son, little brother, loving husband, newly-minted dentist, doting dog-father and awesome “nuncle.”

Eternal optimist, die-hard sports fan, fiercely-loyal friend, Beaver believer, crazy sock wearer, football aficionado, goofball and Italian foodie.


From Boston (then) to Portland (now), plus a handful of cities in between, the past 12 birthdays we’ve celebrated together have been full of adventures.

But they’re what got us here (and there and everywhere…seriously, I know we’re both glad we’re finally in our forever city!), so I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Your wardrobe is almost entirely orange and black. I still can’t figure out how you never, ever, get cold. When we met, you weren’t a runner, and now you kick my butt on a weekly basis. You know entirely too many useless football stats.

A natural people-person, you’ve got a genuine interest in people and their stories, which I admire. You’ve got a huge heart and leap before you look, often with both feet (which can sometimes drive me crazy!), but I love your zest for life and hope you never lose that irresistible sparkle.

Here’s to many more birthdays and trips around the sun together.


Happy Birthday, Ben…I love you!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ben!

  1. Oh, Jenny, this is such a wonderful tribute to Ben…..a tribute to remember forever!!! You two are awesome! Love you always!


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