5 things I love about the Runtastic Orbit activity tracker

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Earlier this month, I mentioned that my friends at Fit Approach asked if I’d like to check out the new Runtastic Orbit. While I had yet to jump on the fitness tracker bandwagon — because, hey, I’m fairly active as-is and already track my weekly mileage — I thought it’d be fun to experiment with a different way of quantifying my weekly activity.

To be honest, though, I wasn’t expecting much more than a glorified pedometer. But after a few weeks of testing this puppy, I’m officially converted!

Rather than ramble off a full list of features and benefits (for all that info, visit the site), however, I want to address exactly WHY I’m digging the Orbit so much. Here are five reasons why it’s become my latest training buddy:

1. It’s user-friendly

Although I work in tech PR, I can be surprisingly un-techy at times. But the Orbit was easy to set up and simple to use. Just charge it, download the accompanying Runtastic Me mobile app, press the navigation button, and you’re good to go. Who wants to read through a complicated owner’s manual when the goal is to just get moving?


2. It’s cordless

Charging aside, that is — and even then the battery life is about five days. But when it comes to syncing, there’s no need for pesky USBs, which makes it much easier to use on the fly. All I do is open the app and have my Orbit nearby, then all the information transfers quickly and seamlessly from the device to the app dashboard for me to access (and pore over…see no. 5).

3. It’s durable 

While it’s not (yet) tracking activities such as swimming and biking, the Orbit is waterproof up to 300 feet. To put that in perspective: Most other wearables on the market can barely handle a shower. It’s nice to know I can go about my day, whether I’m at the pool or doing dishes, and not have to think about removing it.


4. It reminds me to move

What good is tracking all of this activity (or lackthereof) if you aren’t able to act on it and establish better habits? I do a lot of computer work (i.e. sit on my butt for hours at a time), but I can set the Orbit to vibrate when I’m idle for more than an hour, which is a great reminder to keep me from sitting in one spot for too long.

5. It helps me sleep

Well, not literally — as great as it is, the Orbit can’t sing me a lullaby or rock me into REM — but having the ability to view sleep length and quality has gotten me into the habit of trying to hit the sack a bit earlier. Yes, having a competitive streak can also come in handy when it comes to getting in good slumber time.


Courtesy of tomsguide.com

And coming soon, Runtastic promises to add some handy Orbit features, such as mood tracking and ambient light measurement to give you reminders when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. It’ll be a great feeling to know that your wearable’s not only got your back, but will also keep it from getting burned!

For more information, visit the website here.

I was provided a Runtastic Orbit device for review. All opinions are my own.  

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