Actor John Brotherton on living (a healthy) life in the ‘Fast’ lane

Photo courtesy of John Brotherton

Photo courtesy of John Brotherton

Whether it’s through major chills (The Conjuring) or thrills (Fast & Furious 7), actor John Brotherton always delivers a performance that delights audiences and leaves ’em on the edge of their seats.

He was kind enough to chat with me last spring about how he maintains a healthy lifestyle despite a hectic Hollywood schedule, so I thought it’d be fun to check in again and see how things are going as his career continues to, ahem, “shift into high gear.”

KineticFix: Since we last chatted, you’ve been traveling the world filming Fast7. How do you balance a healthy lifestyle with a hectic work schedule?

John Brotherton: Running is always my go-to workout when I’m on the road. Not only does it kick your butt, but it’s also the best way to see the local landscape.

While shooting Fast7 we were blessed to travel to Abu Dhabi and stay at the Emirates Palace. The palace was just over a kilometer in length (crazy, right?), and so even if I had a small window to fit in a workout, I could circle the grounds to break a good sweat, as well as enjoy the jaw-dropping surroundings.

Also, I always travel with a resistance band in my bag, which I use for quick circuit-training sessions. With a band, you’re able to hit all the muscles groups without having a rack of free weights at your disposal.

Eating on the road is the tricky part. Sometimes hotel living can lead to a poor diet. Upon arrival, I always stock my room with healthy snacks: fruit, nuts, jerky, etc. and a case of water… And maybe some chocolate to keep me sane.

Photo courtesy of John Brotherton

Photo courtesy of John Brotherton

KF: Your family has also grown – you’ve got two beautiful daughters with your wife, Alison – how are you teaching them healthy habits from an early age?

JB: We try to maintain a healthy kitchen. All our produce comes from the local farmer’s market or from the garden in our backyard. Nothing tastes as good as homegrown.

We also found a local butcher who offers organic proteins. No reason to give my girls any more hormones than necessary. And being someone who loves to grill, standing at the butchers counter, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Whatever yummy meat on the grill, kids running around like maniacs, SoCal sun… My perfect evening.

We do our best to stay active with our kids, too. Run around, play kick, whatever. I recommend getting a jogging stroller to anyone with little ones. It makes for some of my best daddy/daughter time.

As a group, we love to go on family hikes. And don’t be afraid to use your children as weights. My girls love it. They climb on my back for push-ups or squats, in my arms for curls or military press, or on my legs for seated leg extensions. They giggle, I sweat.

Photo courtesy of John Brotherton

Photo courtesy of John Brotherton

KF: Multitasking at its finest! So, finally, can you give us a sneak peek at what’s coming up next for you, work-wise?

JB: It has been a blessed and humbling year for me. We wrap Fast7 at the end of July. What an honor it has been to be a part of such a successful franchise with such incredible people.

In August, I have a small part in the film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ which is Marvel’s big summer release (insert me pinching me). Also this summer, I’m guest-starring in the new FX comedy ‘Partners,’ which stars Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence.

At the end of the day, I’m so so grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and want to work my tail off to enjoy every minute of it.

Photo courtesy of John Brotherton

Photo courtesy of John Brotherton

Thanks so much, John, for taking the time out to chat! And to follow along on his Hollywood adventures, check out John’s IMDB bio and Twitter page

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