Fave Fix: Tieks ballet flats, take two


Work hard, train hard, wear flats.

That might as well be the active gal’s mantra — well, at least here in San Francisco.

Why? We walk. Everywhere. And then there are the hills.

So it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that Tieks has been one of the most consistently-searched terms on the site since I did my first post about ’em last fall.


No, the company didn’t send me a free pair to review. I bought ’em myself after reading some glowing recommendations elsewhere in the blogsophere.

Ok, and maybe Hubby had hit his limit of me attempting to configure date-night outfits around sneakers, too. 

But, regardless, they’ve become my favorite “dressy” footwear…so much so that I requested a second pair for a recent birthday.

Because I won’t bat an eye at crazy endurance events, but ask me to wear heels, and it’s GAME OVER.


KineticFix is on summer vacation, so I’m revisiting some of the most popular posts in the meantime! 

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