Fave Fix: Snikiddy’s smart snack swaps


Football season is in full swing, Halloween is nearly here, and holiday parties are just around the corner…let the mindless munching commence!

Ok, ok – so it’s not necessarily bad news for nibblers: Savvy snacking can actually help you lose weight by staving off hunger and preventing overeating. That is, as long as you keep your wits about you when staring down a gauntlet of goodies.

A few tips:

1. Plan ahead. When hunger hits and you’re unprepared, you can get into some real trouble. Have something light and healthy (fruit and cheese, or even a handful of nuts and crackers) before you set foot into the party. That way, you can relax and enjoy yourself instead of making a beeline for the buffet.

2. Practice portion control. As with many things in life, bigger is not better. So say ‘no’ to supersizing, whether it’s your plate, your serving or (like me, often) your eyes in proportion to your stomach. Start with small tastes, eat slowly and savor every bite.

3. Pick replacements. Choose flavor-packed snacks that contribute to the feeling of fullness and satisfaction. And when you’ve got a favorite food that you just can’t pass up, find a healthier replacement to satisfy that craving…otherwise you’ll keep eating other stuff in an attempt to fill the void.

Case in point: Chips. Sometimes you just need that hit of salty crunchiness. But all the grease, artificial ingredients and extra calories? Not so much.

Well, that very same dilemma inspired Mary Owings Schulman, a mother concerned about her kids eating healthy, to create a company called Snikiddy, which makes snacks that promote good health.

Snikiddy’s all-natural snacks are made from non-GMO ingredients, are certified wheat- and gluten-free and come in three varieties – Cheese PuffsBaked Fries and an eight-veggie crisp, Eat Your Vegetables.

These are some seriously good snacks. I even ran an unofficial taste-test among a group of friends and the consensus was that they are…delicious. If you like Pirate’s Booty, you’ll love the cheese puffs, and the fries packed a big punch of flavor in a crunchy little straw.

But the crowd favorite, by far, was the veggie crisps. Not only are they tasty and filling (one tester described them as “surprisingly substantial”), but they’re also super crunchy and flavorful, almost like pita chips. Plus there’s a full serving of veggies in every ounce.

But the best part? Finally, a great chip for scooping guac… you know, just in case you want a little extra-veggie credit next time you get a snack attack.

Thanks to the folks at Snikiddy for providing samples for review; all opinions are my own. 

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