The Last-Minute Half Marathon Training Plan


What do you do when you’ve got a half marathon in less than six weeks and your running game has been lacking as of late?

A) Calculate the plausibility of using this month’s time change as an excuse for missing the race…next month.

B) Petition the race director to allow you to turn it into an impromptu duathlon.

C) Briefly consider hosting a blog giveaway for your bib.

D) Make a game plan, and get after it.

Answer: You guessed it, which is why I created this last-minute training strategy for getting Ben and I across the finish line of the Corvallis Half Marathon on April 12.

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s been helping us conservatively safely build up our mileage and will even allow for a tiny taper before race day.


It’s still early in the season, and I’ve been doing way more cross training than running, so I’m not on the hunt for a PR (Ben may beg to differ; he’s eyeing a sub-1:50 finish). Rather, the idea is just to ease my legs — and my mind — back in to racing, so I can start to build toward that 50K in May.

As much as my off-season feels like it’s been extended into spring, I’ve loved taking the past few months to focus on strength, flexibility and adaptability with all different kinds of workouts. Plus, the mental break has been invaluable; I’m really looking forward to digging into training, as well as ramping up with Team LUNA Chix Portland Run come April 6 when our season officially kicks off.

What’s your approach to the upcoming race season? 

8 thoughts on “The Last-Minute Half Marathon Training Plan

  1. Hey, if you can run 8 miles in that first week I have full confidence you’ll have no problems running that half!

    My ultimate goal this year for races is to maintain 35-45 miles/week and actually DO the tempo runs and speed work I plan for myself. (But mooooooom….)

    I failed at my goal time for my marathon last year, so just to revisit and kick it in its butt I’m going to train much harder for it this year. I WILL DEFEAT YOU HOMETOWN MARATHON! 🙂


    • Disclaimer: That first 8-miler was NOT pretty! But, thankfully, I’ve been doing lots of cross-training, so I figure it translates somewhat. Still, not expecting anything super fast. And I love that you’re coming back with a vengeance for the marathon – speed work helps SO much; just remember to focus on recovery (yoga/rolling) with that kind of mileage (I speak from experience here, having injured myself last fall doing just the opposite). Good luck & keep me posted!

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    • Awesome; happy I can help! And congrats on the marathon! It’s definitely nice to build on the fitness you’ve worked so hard for, and glad to hear you’re doing it safely. I, too, won’t be racing, but it’s fun just getting out there & getting the miles in. Good luck!!


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