4 tips for making the most of fall workouts


Before we make a hasty retreat indoors for the next few months, make some time to take in the crisp fall air (not to mention the gorgeous foliage) with an outdoor workout.

Regardless of where you live – city, suburb or sticks – here are four simple ways that everyone can squeeze in some solid head-to-toe activity, alfresco.

1. Savor the changing scenery

Map a new route using an app such as RuntasticMapMyRun, Runkeeper or Strava (all free), and let your mind wander for a few miles while you enjoy the fall color. These apps allow you to track various fitness activities, including workout details and data (duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned and route traveled on an interactive map, etc.), plus some even offer databases of routes to help you keep things fresh.

2. Get playful in the park

Make like a kid and get crazy at your local playground with this total-body workout from FitSugar. Bonus: Kill two birds with one stone and bring Junior along to help supervise your cross-training circuit and burn off some extra energy of his/her own.

3. Loosen up — and layer up

Shorter days and cooler temps are no excuse to skip out on a sweat session. But trying to work out with cold, tight muscles can be a recipe for injury, so prime your body with a proper warm-up and the appropriate attire. Not sure what to wear? Here’s a handy guide from Runner’s World that provides expert advice on picking the correct outfit for all conditions.

4. Stay safe after sunset

Before you hit the streets at dusk (or dawn), take the proper precautions by wearing reflective gear and portable lights (try a Petzl headlamp or Knuckle Lights), which are designed to help you stick out like a sore thumb in low-visibility settings. Finally, try to choose a well-lit route and steer clear of areas with excessive car traffic whenever possible.

How does your outdoor workout prep change with the seasons?

12 thoughts on “4 tips for making the most of fall workouts

  1. Definitely some great pointers! I also take extra care to watch where I’m going – with so many leaves on the ground, potholes, roots, rocks, etc. become tricky!


  2. Great tips!

    I love the smell of fallen leaves. I run with a taser that has a flashlight. Safety and protection in one. Also with the color temps and shorter days, my Nike flash jacket keeps me warm and visible.


  3. Great tips!! This time of year, we really have to watch where we plant our feet. With all of the walnuts and acorns on the ground, it is really easy to twist an ankle. Keeping the eyes on the ground is key here in central Iowa. 😉


  4. I had an amazing fall run on Saturday and fall bike ride yesterday!!! I enjoyed running and biking through the crunchy leaves, but they were hiding some road/trail hazards.



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